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Peter Nathan, Founder

Peter Nathan | Founder

After a 30 year global marketing and sales career at some of the world's most valuable companies, Peter has committed his experience and time to assist high school and college graduates in uncovering their career passions and skills in alignment with internships and full time job opportunities.

A key goal Peter is passionate about is leveling the playing field for the underprivileged who cannot compete with the high cost of tutors and testing preparation. Thus, 20% of Job-Lander services are free to national organizations in need.

Our team noticed a significant change and challenge in the college admission process. In key states, SAT test scores are no longer required and good grades do not necessarily open the door to admissions.

Students today, in addition to academics, must arm their high school resumes with extracurricular activities and real-world experience to show college admissions directors their passion, drive and direction.

In working with college students and millennials who have entered the workforce, we have identified some disturbing trends. Research has shown that over 52% of millennials are dissatisfied in their current roles and choice of industry. Students feel immediate pressure during college and following graduation to take the first job available to them without properly identifying their true passions, interests and skills.

Our assistance at all levels in the college experience has helped students land internships that allow them to test-drive potential future careers.

Our process has resulted in a greater level of job satisfaction following graduation because students find roles based on genuine areas of strength and interest.

Together with our real-world experience, collaboration with human resource professionals, high school guidance staff, educators, and e-learning organizations, we have created our Job-Lander 4-Step Process and virtual platform focused on building a student’s college/career foundation by:

  • Leveraging tools and exercises to uncovering student’s passions, interests, and skills in alignment with the needs of targeted companies or organizations.
  • Creating customized essays, resumes, cover letters and other communications.
  • Opening professional profiles across key platforms including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Handshake and others, to mobilize your network in the search of new opportunities. Interview preparation, execution and follow up communications.
  • Use of A.I. in the interview (and resume screening/filtering) process and how to understand and side step obstacles.
  • Negotiating the terms of a free or paid for internship or full time job.

 We have worked with over 300 students to answer critical questions that will lead to careers that match their passions and skills. 

Our proven buddy team process allows students to find the right colleges, earn internships to help differentiate their application from others and deliver compelling powerful essays that will grab the attention of college recruiters. 

We coach students on how to land internships in areas of their interest and skill. How do you find these opportunities, how do you compete to land the roles and how to test drive the industry to make good long term decisions. We have helped dozens of students land internships in industries including high tech, bio-medical, finance, engineering, software, education and others. 

College is not for every student. We coach students on starting their own businesses, addressing the financial needs and making smart decisions regarding their area of interest.  

Our program is committed to providing 20% of all revenue for scholarships and free classes. Our goal is to level the playing field for all no matter their financial situation.

Our end goal is to prepare students land internships or full-time careers that match their interests passions and skills expose them relevant college career opportunities. this process will also lead a advantage in the application as well guide selecting major.

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