The Greatest Job: Sales

PSales is the only career where you can increase your salary without asking for a raise, but by growing your commission. To succeed in sales, you will need to learn how to solve the customer’s problem. This means demonstrating you understand the mindset and common challenges faced by your customers. Find the right product in the right area and you are bound for future success.

Where to Start
It is helpful to find large sales organizations that actually offer sales training programs to start. In my career, I worked for 3 very large Fortune 500 companies that invested deeply in my years of marketing and sales training and experience. Consultants, in-house trainers and executive mentors are typically used to embed the culture, sales benefits, features and reliability of whatever you are selling. 

Sales is like dating. There must be trust, compassion, and credibility to make this a successful engagement.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Have I investigated the challenge and complexity of my client’s needs? Can my product do the job?
  • Do I have other credible endorsements that I can use for recommendations of my services/products?
  • Can I offer a trial that can prove the value of the larger investment?
  • How can I ensure that following the sale will my support needs be addressed? 

Observation and style-flexing are critical skills for every salesperson. Who am I dealing with on the other end of the negotiation? Is this someone who is strictly analytical and will only care about dollars and cents? Are they more strategic and flexible in understanding the overall value and opportunity? How people engage tells everything about how they will move forward with the sale or not.


Technical Sales

Technical sales can be a great opportunity for more technical engineering types who can work shoulder to shoulder with the sales manager to deliver a technical sales solution. As a technical sales engineer, you may not want to be the frontman in the sales process but your skills are absolutely critical to the complete sales process. 

Sales is the only career where you can be self-driven and make a true and immediate impact on your income. Simply put, the more you sell the more you make.

Look for large corporations with large budgets for sales training programs. Companies like IBM, Oracle, SalesForce, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Exxon/Shell, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Google, Cisco etc. Learn the foundational skills, stick around to polish your training and then you are prepared to move on to the sales job of your dreams.

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