Work Collaboration Tools And Techniques

Stay organized On The Same Page With The Team

The need to collaborate in business has never been more important. With partnerships across so many parts of business both internally and externally you must have a collaboration strategy. 

This may be as simple as selecting from any number of free collaboration tools available on the internet. Whatever you choose, use it consistently and push back when someone on the team refuses. This can be the weak link that causes your business to go off course. 

Working remotely is now here to stay. This brings up the challenge of meeting remotely and creating personal face to face coordination and teamwork. This can be a challenge for workers who may not be familiar with working remotely. Using the new collaborative tools understanding the most effective organizational processes to get the job done is the formula for a successful business no matter what the size. . It is also critical that team members are keenly aware of their roles and responsibilities to others on the team. 

The emphasis should always be on how the team will be organized and who will assume what tasks. There needs to be a consistent mechanism for communicating collectively to ensure that the team stays on top of their goals and can track their progress. Assigning an overall project manager to oversee this process is highly recommended. Also an early discussion regarding strengths of each team member and agreement on roles will keep people on track and motivated. 

With these challenges in mind there are many new options to stay connected and in sync with the goals of the team and your specific responsibilities. In smaller companies or organizations this does not require a large monthly expense to keep the gears moving in the right direction. Google Works, as an example, is a suite of tools that can effectively be used for video and audio calls, calendaring, sharing and storage of documents, and project management capabilities. No matter how large or small the project there are simple solutions to help tie your work, goals and objectives tightly aligned. 

Exchanging emails with attachments of updates can be lost and ineffective. Having a central repository for all key documents, presentations, technical documents, and all project updates is key to every project or business small or large. In the world of engineering Slack tends to be the tool of choice for team collaboration. Slack on a small scale is free and licences can be purchased as your team grows. 

Remember, it is not the tools that make you a successful collaborative team. It is vital that you organize your team upfront, agree to your team's process of collaborating, agree to the goals and milestones, constantly measure your success  and start to execute. 

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