Using Mind Mapping Tools to Solve Business Problems

Visually viewing a problem and all of its pieces is a highly effective way to get started on a plan. Mind mapping tools (MindMeister free version or upgrade roughly $5 a month) is a highly effective way for your brain to process all the pieces of the puzzle required to fill a gap or solve a problem.

By starting with an inside out approach, you can center on your top concerns, As an example you are running a company that is in need of more monthly revenue. Your “core 3 or 4” may be;

  • How do I grow my business revenue?
  • How do I gain an edge on my competitors?
  • What are the resources that I need to succeed?
  • What potential obstacles may exist in making this happen?

With these areas in mind you can start to dissect each piece and branch off with mini solutions/plans for each critical piece. If I need to grow my revenue then the branch needs to be advertising and marketing. This may in turn break down to social media marketing, email campaigns or trade shows.

The beauty of this process is that by visualizing the pieces to the puzzle you are forcing your brain to process the problem in many different ways. Visually seeing the total picture is a powerful process and mind maps can help you by;

  • Saving a map and allowing you to come back and edit based on more information 
  • Sharing your map with team mates or co-workers can effectively communicate your thoughts and plans. It allow them to better see the problem through your eyes
  • Mind maps can be categorized and stored and can set the standard for future business plans, performance reviews, annual salary discussions and promotions.

Job-Lander can get you off on the right foot and help you create your own library of maps to lead you down the path to success in whatever you choose to do. Click here to register for the course or our complementary 30 minute consultation.

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