Therapy; Talk and Action Therapy for Students College Selection or Careers

It has always surprised me that roughly 14 million student aged youth are currently enrolled in some type of mental health therapy. Students can suffer from anxiety or depression due to the uncertainty of what lies ahead in their college or professional careers. Questions are forced on youth at an early age including;

  • Should I attend college?
  • What are my passions and skills?
  • What should I study in college?
  • Should I do an internship or apprenticeship instead?
  • Should I start my own business?
  • Can you help me get out of the wrong job and into one that is a good fit for me?

The only way to flush out these questions is to talk to a professional. If you had a mental illness you would talk to a mental health physician. Why then are there so few professionals willing to follow a student's needs from high school to college and into their workplace years?

These years between high school and beyond are the most critical times in the young life of these students. Without a process to make critical decisions, blind decisions can lead to changes in majors or even schools at a great cost.

Exercises like “mind mapping” will help you flush out a narrowed down view of what is important for you moving forward. It can help you narrow down your choice of college and study. If not it will point you in the right direction regarding apprenticeships in areas of your skill and interest. Learning under other professionals will help you eventually work for yourself and control your own destiny.

Let Job-Lander be that source for “talk and action therapy” to get you moving in the right direction. Click here to register for your complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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