The Power of Presentation

At some point you will be asked to present to an audience whether it be peers, a boss or larger audience. It is critical that you have a plan and are prepared with your audience expectations in the front of your mind.

If I was in the audience listening to your presentation here are a few things going through my mind;

  • Why am I here? I am busy so I hope this is worth my time.
  • What am I hoping to get out of this presentation?
  • How can I use the data to help me solve a problem on my team?
  • Is this material actionable and relevant to my team or my job?

By not addressing these critical points in a summary form very early on in your presentation, you are running the risk of losing your audience and their attention. You must have a strong impact statement in slide 1 or 2 that tells your audience why they are there and why they should care.

Be careful with the use of slides. Don’t add too much data while expecting your audience to read what is on display. Slides should be points of outline or summary that are spoken to rather than read. Have a conversation with your audience and try to never read off your materials.

Frequently coming back to the key points will help you avoid losing your audience. Remember to always know your audience and the basics of the impact your presentation has on their own organization/team. Persuasive and powerful presentation skills are critical to getting recognized for promotion, and other forms of advancement.

Let's work together to put the framework in place for your future presentation needs. Register for a complimentary 30 minute consult and we can create a plan to get you on your way to mastering presentations.

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