The Art of Style Flexing: Networking and Communicating with Comfort

The art of style flexing in communications, goes a long way towards the goal of being liked in an interview process, career advancement and general sense of peace when dealing with a variety of different people.

Style flexing looks at using quick and easy detection techniques to get a good idea of how a person likes to absorb information. If I am a CPA and you want to talk at a party about a business idea and a potential role for the CPA role in your business, how should the conversation go?

  • Know your audience; CPAs tend to be very specific, bottomline, exact, calculating and conservative. Do not attempt to wow them with pie in the sky guesses regarding revenue targets and profitability. Dont wing this conversation you will drop like a stone.
  • Adjust your approach knowing your audience to ensure they are viewing your proposal through a comfortable lens for them. Put things in their terms that may be easier for them to understand.
  • Follow up always. Take mental notes as to the careabouts and style requirements. Ask for an email or text and always follow through.

Style flexing puts the other person at ease. They will be more likely to respect your perspective knowing that they understand how they absorb information and appeal to their areas of sensitivities.

Let's talk about how you can learn the value and investigative techniques used in effective style flexing. Click here to register for a complimentary 30 minute consultation or sign up for our 3 part training course detailing techniques, strategies and practice scenarios. This course is highly effective for anyone seeking an internship or full time job.

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