Social Media Marketing; The Basics

Social media has taken over as the premier advertising tool globally. If you are not talking to the right community of people that are targets for your services/product you are missing the boat.

An arsenal of tools including Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TicTok and LinkedIn are required to fully surround your market. Going to where your target audience is going is a must.

If you are appealing to Moms with high school students or you must be on Facebook. If your audience is younger from the teens to 33 year olds Instagram should be your top choice.

More recently LinkedIn ads are proving to be impactful especially if you have a vast number of connections. Depending on your market Twitter can also be valuable. TicTok is taking the advertising world by storm with its 15,30 and 1 minute videos. This has a vast audience from pre-teens to middle aged adults and even seniors.

How do you manage all of these pieces at the same time. This is where google analytics and other analytical tools can assist. They can help you manage your business by shifting ads constantly to take advantage of higher response rates. You can manage your return on marketing investment.

All of the themes, graphics need to come together in a cohesive view of your branding. How do you want to be seen in the market space and how can you show this brand in everything you do in marketing. The look and feel from Facebook to YouTube and TicTok need to look the same and reinforce your brand.

Need help getting started? Job-Lander can help you lay out a plan. Click her to register for a 30 minute complimentary coaching session.

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