Resumes that Gain Results

Resumes are in some cases the first and only opportunity for you to make the initial impression that will drive the next stages in the hiring process. It is critical that you understand some key fundamentals for every resume no matter the role. Keep in mind that most resumes will be reviewed by hiring managers or HR for only 9 seconds. You must make those seconds count.

  • Every resume must be customized for the specific role and job description.
  • Every resume must have a mission statement that ties back to the values or objectives of the organizations.
  • Key words from the job description must be identified and used several times in the customized resume.
  • Artificial intelligence software will filter out resumes that do not address the above points.

The days are gone when you would create a standard resume, store it on your desktop and send it out to any opportunities that seem interesting. Your ability to deliver a concise document that touches on your passions for the company, industry and role along with an understanding of their objectives are the key to success.

The layout of a resume is important. The use of white space to clearly lay out your skills that insure the reader that you can perform the role. A strong relevant mission statement, consistent use of key words from the job description and experience (internship, volunteer , job with matching skills) will be the most important pieces to each resume.

You must put the key things first which are;

  • Short 1-2 sentence mission statement right up front. Who are you and why are you a fit for the role?
  • Skills do you offer that will allow you to succeed in the role?
  • List your last two experiences past or present, internships or projects that relate to the opportunity.
  • Short list of references (2 references that touch on the skills identified in the role description).

Formatting and creative imaging is not necessary. Keep it basic, clear and easy to read and having the above critical factors highlighted within the top third of the page (ensure that the 9 seconds capture the key areas of your ability to perform) and keeping the resume to one page is a must. Use white space to make it pleasing to the eye. Single spaced resumes may create a shut down by the reader and you might be passed up.

Keep in mind that you are only one of many that will be applying for the job or internship. Ask yourself if I was the hiring manager the following questions.

  • Does this candidate have the basic skills to perform the job?
  • Does this candidate understand what we do and some of our problems that need to be solved?
  • Is this candidate a job jumper who will not stick with the role for the short and mid term?
  • Will the candidate be willing to learn and integrate well into my team?

Let's talk about your situation and break down the key elements in your areas of interest. We can guide you through the process through a short series of exercises that will ensure that you have the best opportunity to be reviewed and called in for the interview.

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