Recreating Your Professional Career: Life And Work Strategies For Change

Are you feeling like you messed up and picked the wrong industry or role? You are not anywhere near alone. A 2019 survey of Millennials in the workplace found that 53% expressed dissatisfaction in their current job and even choice of industry. Why is this happening? 

Students leaving college are facing an uncertain and challenging work environment. This has created stress and some desperation to land the first job in reach. Student loan payments are due usually 6 months following graduation. In some cases anxiety will kick in and students may choose the first offer that crosses their plate. 

How can students avoid these situations and actually find their role that fits their passions and skills ? How can they find a foundational job but in the right direction where they can build their consistent career through a series of step jobs. 

This takes us back to the basics of truly understanding where you want to be eventually and the small steps that will be required to land you in the role that is right for you. 

Mind mapping exercises ( used in most of our courses as a key first step exercise) will assist you in picking the right direction. Internships, volunteer roles and even part time work in companies and industries will allow you to test drive your job and choice of industry. These are vital investments that you should make to insure you are doing what is right for you. 

Some students feel that not knowing what they want can be solved by going to graduate school. Graduate school is mandatory for some industries but not for most. If you want to go into medicine or research or teaching as examples will require you to get your masters or doctorate degree. These degrees come at a high cost but also present good earning potential once you finish. 

There is always an opportunity to take time to do an internship (, internship are good sites for listings of local available internships)  in between college and graduate school. This will assist you again in test driving your area of focus and can potentially help you identify where there may not be a good fit of industry. 

Landing ground level jobs in larger companies that offer excellent training programs have many advantages. Companies like IBM, Xerox, Big Pharma and even large accounting firms offer some of the best job training programs in the world. Rather than take a financial risk on graduate school, these training programs will provide you with an income immediately and the opportunity to move up the ladder consistently and learn more as you go. A commitment of at least 2 years should be considered so that you can take these valuable skills if you choose to work for other companies both large and small. 

These programs in some cases are more practical than business school because they are real world situational training programs that can be applied immediately in a protected environment. Some programs will also offer programs to help you pay back your student loans!

Let's talk about how to change your situation no matter where you are in the process. Desperation and a feeling of being in the wrong job can place a huge toll on you both mentally and physically. 

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