Project Management: Be a Leader and Team Problem Solving Coordinator

One challenge that will always exist in any company are projects that will impact the metrics or effectiveness of the organization. The role of bringing all of the right people together in a true collaborative environment to address these challenges may mean the difference between success and failure. There are dependencies between engineering and manufacturing or sales and finance as an example that must be properly coordinated.

When seeking a role in a company or organization with a clear understanding of critical success factors and multi-department coordination challenges, your interview will most likely be successful. HIring managers are looking for problem solvers and project managers who can work across teams and within their own organizations to outline a plan of attack to address these challenges.

Project Managers have a birds eye view into the challenges and the multiple organizations within the company. These teams must work together effectively, and someone needs to keep everyone on point. This means keeping the master project plan, creating consistent and effective communications, updates to metrics, outstanding action items and timelines for all deliverables.

There are few better opportunities to network within large and small organizations. You will always have access to cross team partners who could recommend you for future roles of interest. This can include strong recommendations from other managers who have been positively impacted by your work.

The bottom line is that due to the economic challenges and business downturn, companies and organizations are being forced to work smarter not harder with fewer resources and budget. This is where effective Project or even Program Managers come into play. Doing the problem research, reaching out for confirmation with cross team partners and the presentation of a plan to management is more critical than ever to the success of business.

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