Problem Identification and Solving

The key reason that most people in business are hired is to solve a problem. The identification of that problem through research, team collaboration and review with your boss is your first step.

Prior to your interview, it is important to understand the challenge or problem you will be asked to solve within the role. It will be part of your early days on the job to identify the issues and areas of impact that you can have when solving the problem.

As an example, if you are a quality control engineer, it is important that you identify not only the flaws in the products, but also what would need to be done to avoid this in the future. How do you scale this problem resolution process and what do you recommend to management as to how to fix the problem. These are all critical skills required to fill this role and potentially get promoted.

During your early days within a role, it is critical that you get the lay of the land and understand relationships across departments and the necessary collaboration process it will take to fix the problem. Are you organizing collaborative cross functional team meetings to help each other address their challenges and the company's challenges as a whole?

You will always get better collaborative results if you can display early on that you are looking for a win win for both teams. Their success is your success and vice versa. Meetings should be rehearsed and prepared ahead of time. Never wing it and always show that you respect people's times and resources.

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