People Hire Who They Like

Hiring is a lot like courting someone in a relationship. Typically you get a quick sense early on if you are interested in this person or not. Has this person piqued my interest and if so why? An incredible number of assumptions and evaluations are made based on just a few seconds. 

What are the impressions that make the most impact on a job interviewer’s perception of a candidate? 

  • Trust is critical. Can this person look me in the eye and tell me the truth?
  • Next, will this candidate get along with my team? What is their personal style? How do they communicate? Do they smile?
  • Does this candidate have the raw skills to learn and do the job of solving a challenge for the organization or the company?
  • Will this hire stick around or be a job-jumper? I don't want to invest my training dollars on someone who will be gone in 6 months. 
  • Has the candidate done good research on the company? Nothing too detailed, but does the candidate know what service they offer or product they produce? Or does the candidate know the approximate revenue dollars or who the company’s competitors are?
  • Will I need to be concerned with challenges to my authority as the manager/director/lead? Does the candidate have excellent listening skills and potential to make minor decisions on the fly without approval? 

Style-flexing will allow the interviewer to be put at ease and to feel confident they are getting the data the way they need to process it. 

If I am a hiring manager who is highly analytical, during an interview, I want to hear about hard facts like exact revenue impact, profitability and forecasts with specific dates and information. 

If I am a hiring manager who is more of a free-thinker and creative, I want to hear about the birth of solutions and general plans of how to implement them, but no immediate details are required at this time. The hiring manager wants to know how your mind works and creativity is usually well rewarded. 

People hire those who ask thoughtful open-ended questions. If you can show that you took the time to truly research the key challenges that must be addressed by the position and the manager, you have gained huge points. 

To cross the goal line, you must align your skills, passions and interests along with any practical experience or solutions, to improve the dynamic of the team. 

The hire will result in a win-win and a healthy and happy relationship moving forward with your team and management.

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