Partnering With Your Parents for Success

Setting goals and having open dialogue with your parents is a critical piece of  your choice of college and or beyond. Understanding potential limitations and their feelings regarding your areas of strength will make it easier to make the tough decisions regarding investments in private vs public college or graduate school. 

We cannot be afraid to lay our cards on the table in an open discussion with your parents. Prior though to having these discussions you should do some simple work on your end to find your true area of interest, college preferences or industries of choice. This will allow you to work as a team with your parents and nothing will be lost in translation. 

Simple mind mapping (mindmeister free application for mind mapping) will help you put your thoughts together and help you understand first what is best for you. Then you can do your own research on the different schools, apprenticeships, or internships that may best suit your immediate or mid term needs. Tools including SimpiCollege (only $30 a year for a comprehensive set of college preparation tools including financial calculators and step by step advice) give you everything you need at your fingertips for college selection and tips including how to optimize your financial aid offer from the schools of your choice. 

Next, schedule a meeting with your parents or guardians and ask them to participate in your life plan. This will be a huge step to get on the same page. In some examples parents have a preconceived idea of where you will go based on their perceptions of the right fit. The issue is that this is your life of which your parents are a part but you must be the final decision maker. 

Make your parents or guardians part of  the planning process. They will be impressed with your ability to  do your homework before talking with them formally about your plans. These decisions will impact not only you but your parents as well. Be open, transparent and anticipate their concerns (financial, distance religious preferences ect). Your parents are on your side and part of the team so use them as your partner. 

We can offer a program for you to put your plan together and can even facilitate a meeting with your parents as part of this process. Let's get started.

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