Millennials: Help me out I Picked the Wrong Job or Industry

A 2019 survey showed that over 50% or working millennials were dissatisfied with their current jobs and or choice of industry. Does that seem like a large percentage to you? Well it should be alarming. Job dissatisfaction and frustration has led to an increase in students' depression rates (grew over 33% from 2019 to 2200).

How could this happen and what can be done to help Millennials find their groove? The key reasons for the alarming numbers goes back to the overloading of high school and college resources with limited ability to provide extensive career advisory services to most students. Unless you have the resources or means to pay for private career coaching, ($200-$500 an hour range nationally) you are left mostly to your own devices.

Also critical pressure points are parents or other influencers who push their preferences on their children. This is why it is critical that students have a safe environment to discover on their own their true passions and skills. Good news: we can help with very reasonable coaching !!

As a college senior coming home on spring break, I had no idea what I should do as a career which was approaching fast. It was only a random act of mentoring by my friend's father who told me I should be in sales. Thirty years later I was still in Corporate Marketing and Sales. This is definitely the exception not the rule to the college, study and career decisions process.

The critical time for any student is when they are mid way through their high school years or sooner. We have taught hundreds of kids to use a simple and easy approach to uncover their true passion, interests and skills.

Millennials, it is not too late to take your existing experience and transition to the career of your choice. It is like building a beautiful house on a foundation of sand. Until these areas are fully understood, you are grasping at straws and could quickly go down a path for a career that is not a good fit.

We have helped over 300 students find the right path for college selection and admissions to internships and full-time work following graduation. Let us help you with our very cost effective bundle of live and virtual 1:1 or small buddy teams model.

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