Mastering your Job Performance Review. Use the Opportunity to Move Ahead

A job review process can be stressful. There is angst over receiving feedback regarding your efforts on the job. How can you turn this event into an opportunity to highlight your success as it relates to the goals of your boss, team or organization.

When you negotiate to take on any new role, there should be a milestone or expectation timeline for you to establish your value and breadth of efforts for the team. Negotiations should also call out for frequent check-in mini reviews of what you are doing, what you are seeing as opportunities to improve the team's performance or even streamline a process. Every Manager will recognize your efforts by putting the good of the team and identifying solutions ahead of your advancement or wage increase requests.

The review should simply be a summary of your mini performance check in meetings held at least monthly (every 2 weeks would be preferable based on the size of the team). No surprises should arise since you have consistently kept your manager in the loop and your results are clearly visible.

Once completed you should compare your negotiated offer and milestones with your actual accomplishments. Once your value is clear it is within your right to ask what is nextstep for you to be considered for a promotion on the team.

Let us help you to plan out your negotiation strategies, setting up milestone proposals, effective bi-weekly reviews and your annual review process. Click here to register for our coaching options or set up your complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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