Managing Your Manager

Be a solution provider and help your manager by taking things off his/her plate. Set up regular times to check in with your boss and have your agenda and do your research. What are the areas of pain, what problems need to be solved and how can you help? Provide a brief outline detailing the problem as you see it and the approach you would take if you were in your bosses shoes.

Managers do not need to be reminded of a problem that he or she is probably already aware of. Your job is to be a solution identifier and solution provider all at the same time. Sounds tricky, well it's not.

You can start by doing your own research to identify the challenges in the organization. Why do they exist? Is it a resource issue due to layoffs or has no one ever bothered to take on the challenge with an organized plan. You do not need to overstep your bounds but merely be honest in your discussions with your boss.

I am here for the long haul and if I can help you succeed I will succeed. What can I take off your plate that would allow you to focus potentially on larger organizational issues? Can we agree on a plan where I can take on specific tasks that can be measured towards your organizational goals? I want to support your goals and here are my thoughts………..

This is true collaboration with your boss. You will be seen as a true team member willing to do what is required to make your boss and team succeed. Bonuses or promotions can be negotiated which should be tied to the value of your deliverables.

The key is communication and consistency. You can not succeed with merely one or two meetings. Take it upon yourself to set the meetings never to exceed 30 minutes at least once a month if possible and if not quarterly. Every meeting needs to come with an agenda and logistics.

Leave every meeting with clear expectations and deliverables. Be prepared to sum them up in notes or follow up communications to your boss and the team.

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You will leave with a clear plan for engaging in a positive proactive approach with your manager. Your manager will develop confidence in you as an employee and put you on the short list for advancement.

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