Managing People; Leveraging their Strengths and Suggestions

Your most valuable asset will always be your people. They need to be treated with respect and partnership. There should be a strong tie of their roles objectives and their professional/personal goals. Open and clear communications are vital to stay on track.

Consistent weekly meetings for 20-30 minutes to check in on open issues or progress reports are critical. If the priorities change this should be communicated quickly and accurately.

Take a personal responsibility in the development of your team. They are a reflection of you and your brand. Employees should tell their prospects and clients good things about you and the company.

During the hiring process a candidate’s fit on the team needs to be a strong consideration. If an employee comes in and creates a toxic environment, you will have serious issues with the team as a whole. Letting other employees participate in the hiring process is a great way of gaining consensus and getting a fresh set of eyes on the candidate.

Take the time to meet with your staff members independently monthly. Take them out of their element and yours for coffee or a light lunch. This will create a more comfortable environment for an employee to give you their true thoughts regarding the team, product/service and recommendations.

It is important to be a leader but to also take into account the feedback from your trusted team. Be an active listener and let them voice their opinions. Not everything will be implemented but you come up with a fresh treasure trove of ideas to improve the business.

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