Managing My Time in College: Too much freedom without a plan can be costly

Now you are on your own with plenty of time on your hands and you are only accountable to yourself. How do you create a constructive plan for your days in college that includes exercise, study, social time and quality time alone?

Where do you start in your plan? It is always a good idea to work backwards knowing an upcoming challenge, and allot your time to accomplish your goal while including the above elements including exercise, alone and social time.

Good sources for social events can be clubs of your interest. If sports is your preference check out the full set of intramural sports available to you. You can play at any level and meet a group of people who share your interests in sports.

Make a study plan complete with your “safe “ study zone clear of distractions and temptation. Does the college have a cool large library with corners that you can hide and find the quiet space for you to focus. Use the library also as your location for study groups that you will form for different courses.

When you are finding yourself fading away and losing concentration, use the 7 minute rule. Find a specific task and focus 100% of your attention for 7 minutes. Nothing can disrupt you for those 7 minutes. Then walk away for 10 minutes. Leave your stuff and walk outside or around your space with no attention on the task. Pick up the task again and see if you can extend the 7 minutes to 15. You will find your ability to focus for 7 minutes will stretch to 20, 30, 60 minutes.

Now that you complete the task of preparing for your weekly academic goal, find your social get away and know that you have put your studies to bed for that evening. This will eliminate stress and allow you to enjoy the most exciting years of your life; college life.

Let us help you put your planning into action. Click here to register for a complimentary 30 minute consultation or to take our course to dig into all the key pieces and help you build a flexible but effective plan.

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