Level the Playing Field

The economic imbalance in the US has never been larger. In my long-time town of Menlo Park/Atherton California, the annual per family income is $325,000 compared to $26,000 annual income in the Navajo Nation. How can a student from a low income household prepare to compete for college admissions vs. an affluent student.

Resources are available for SAT coaching (ranging from $150-$300 an hour twice a week) along with weekly math and writing tutoring (same above fees). The pressure to perform on testing and deliver top grades in high school is immense.

How can an underprivileged student compete in this environment? There is good news coming and a plan you can follow to tip the scales in your favor.

State schools and even private schools across the country are choosing not to review SAT or other standardized tests in the admissions process. They are choosing to evaluate students' special capabilities or experiences. This is where internships come in as a critical scale tipper.

Showing a college that you understand your passions and skills and performing in a related internship will impress any college admissions personnel. Drawing the line between your passions, skills, related experience, and a connection to the focus of the school is your formula for success.

Let Job-Lander help you put together your personalized plan to help you tip the scales in your favor for college or the workforce. Click here to register for your complimentary career consultation.

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