Join a Cause and Make an Impact

There has never been a better time to evaluate your passions and interests and look for opportunities to gain experience. In this blog I will briefly touch on the cause of inequality in our education system including lack of resources for career guidance. Not everyone is equipped for college. Financial situations can make this impossible or interests may lay more in the area of vocational education.

There is a critical need for our government to provide the necessary resources to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. How can you help or make a difference?

Job-Lander, as an example, is attempting to bring attention to these gaps and lobby local, state and federal agencies to provide the necessary tools to “level the playing field”.

Internet Infrastructure gaps including lack of high speed internet access, computers, and basic software packages are holding people down from gaining access to critical information and communication tools required for students to get ahead. This can be in the form of vocational video training, job training in project management and other intern and full-time employment.

Be part of a team of interns and learn how to create a business plan. Organize a team, express your goals, research your resources and create a plan for success. Creating a mission statement, identifying your targeted audience, quantifying your financial needs and determining your milestones and definition of success.

Job-Lander will guide you through the process and provide mentoring for your new venture. Learn how to create your own cause and the key steps in making it a success. Your ability to organize, plan and implement are critical skills that all employers and schools will respect while giving you the edge. !!

Click here to register for our complimentary 30 minute consultation and lets get started!!

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