Intimidating Large Sized Project? Breaking it Down to Digestible Pieces

Large projects with deliverables may come in the form of a school project, test or work related deliverables. The project as a whole may look intimidating when looking at the entire deliverable. To succeed it is important to break a large initiative into smaller digestible pieces each with their own start and stop.

Whether it is a comprehensive test or mid to long term project, it is important to first outline the task at hand. What are the different phases or steps to the project and how can it best be divided up.

  • What is the overall objective?
  • What are the best points where the project can be best divided?
  • What needs to be done first?
  • What pieces need to come together to solve the entire problem?

Try your best not to jump from phase to phase. Focus on the prioritized list of deliverables and only focus on one at a time. When you complete each phase, it will be logical to add the other pieces until you have a complete solution.

Your final step should be in layering or putting together all the outlined pieces. This could be a test as an example on American History. It is important to decide your parameters for American history (dates or events) and work on the initial pieces ( starting point during this period) first. Then you can add the additional date ranges and important aspects during this period of history.

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