Internships Are Not Just for Summer Anymore

The workplace has changed forever. COVID has had millions of workers reevaluate their work and life priorities. More than 4 million workers are not returning to the physical workplace. They have chosen to stay at home and enjoy their next chapters of their lives with family, friends and children. This has created a tremendous workforce shortage for internships and full time work.

The work needs to still get done but now with a gap in the workforce, employers need to aggressively hire for the short, mid and long term. Short term projects require interns to get the work done. The pressure on companies to turn a profit and keep the revenue coming in is great.

These internships are no longer just summer engagements. The work does not stop at the end of the summer and opportunities for part time projects/assignments are in great demand. Most companies will be seeking interns for a minimum of 10 hour work weeks and may not require you to go to an office. Working from home and remotely is here to stay.

Intern opportunities are published weekly and in some cases daily on a variety of sites on the web. Recruiting sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Zip Recruiter and Handshake can offer good visibility to what is available. Research is still the key to finding the right fit for your interests, skills and passions. You must do your research on potential targets prior to applying for positions. In some cases the jobs/internships may be taken soon after they are posted so you must move fast.

Research the industries that align with your interests, and follow the leaders in the industries. If it is high tech networking do your research by checking their job boards looking for areas of need and potential job loss or layoffs. Use the warm handshake to get the introductions to influential contacts who may steer you to where you need to go.

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