Landing the Internship (or Job) That Doesn't Exist

In the new world, internships and contracting roles are more relevant than ever before. The companies announcing layoffs of full-time staff still have work that needs to get done. 

This void left by layoffs can be filled if you align your passions, interests and skills along with your understanding of the company’s needs. These areas include project management, research, reporting, logistics, quality control, and many others. 

Your research and networking will be critical in understanding the new challenges faced by many companies. Remember, if you position yourself as a problem-solver who can address their needs and can do it in a flexible fashion, then it is truly a win-win situation for you and the company. 

As an example, video company XYZ is due to release the latest version of its Godzilla Against the World Video Game. Since the release of the product was delayed numerous times due to technical challenges, the cost of operations exceeded all budgets and employees were let go. 

There was an immediate void left by the layoffs including quality control, logistics, packaging, and partner packaging. Through your network, articles regarding the product delays and layoffs you can best position yourself as the savior of the day. 

  • Define the void that has been left by the release delays and layoffs
  • Define the skills, passions, and interests you have in solving the challenges left by the void
  • Target communication to the HR for the specific department and the Director or VP of the Organization impacted. 
  • Offer your services for free by defining your own project proposal. Ensure there are clear timelines and projected results. 

This current down-market gives you an opportunity to be creative in how you approach your career. The needs have not gone away! The market will return to more robust hiring with benefits as promising medical solutions approach the horizon. 

Now is time to invest in yourself. Learn what's important and what drives you. You will be spending over 30% of your life working, so it is crucial that you enjoy what you do.

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