How to Avoid Being Laid Off

Layoffs are still in style with some larger corporations and mid-sized organizations. These layoffs are typically driven by profit concerns and lowering the overall cost of business.

The process of downsizing usually involves a “ranking and rating” with the understanding that the bottom five percent should be managed out at a minimum annually.

What is the basis for the ratings and how can you ensure that you are not falling into this category. This highlights unfortunately the competitive nature of business and for profit corporations. These decisions are typically driven by finances and the need to cut costs of which personnel is one of the highest costs of doing business.

Here are a few key tips that should help you avoid being placed in the bottom 5-10% of the organizations.

  1. Maintain and insist on weekly one on ones with your supervisor.
  2. Have a very clear idea of the metrics that will be used to measure your performance.
  3. Clearly highlight your achievements during your one on ones and ask for more responsibilities.
  4. Take on a critical project that is focused on revenue growth or cost reduction.

You must be your best advocate and be organized when highlighting your achievements and milestones as compared to your role and responsibilities.

Let Job-lander lay out a plan to help you avoid being targeted within the bottom 5-10% of the workforce. Click here to register for our complimentary 30 minute consultation to get started.

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