Highly Effective Interviewing for Success:

Interviewing can be viewed as a process where you are selling yourself to an interested audience. Your resume has been reviewed (or essay) and now it is show time for action !!

This can be a time of great anxiety but as in any other area of your life practice and using some basic guidelines will help provide ease of mind and help you come across prepared and competent.

Here are the 4 key stages of the interview process:

  1. Introductions
  2. Qualification review based on a recap of your resume
  3. Candidates opportunity to interview the interviewer
  4. Confirmation and leading to the next step in the hiring or acceptance process.

Each of these stages can be broken down into critical pieces but first you need to understand that people hire who they like. Here is what is going through the mind of the interviewer.

  1. Does this candidate have the basic skills and qualifications to perform the role?
  2. Does the candidate have the ability to learn on the job?
  3. How well will this candidate integrate into my team?
  4. Can I count on the candidate staying around rather than job jumping?

The execution of each of the above steps are critical to your next step in the interview process or job offer. Interview types may vary with some being problem solving interviews where you are sent to a white board to solve a problem. Here the interviewer is trying to understand your problem solving skills. Other interviews might be group interviews where several people from different roles will interview you at once.

No matter the interview format the key aspects of the interviews include;

  1. Your research on the company, interviewer and objectives and goals for the group.  
  2. Your ability to style flex. If you are interviewing with an accountant they want precise specific answers where a marketing role may be seeking your view on more creative skills to gain attention.
  3. Early on you must identify the nature of your interviewer and adjust to what is important to them. This will add likability, trust and confidence.
  4. Have a short list of relevant questions that will lead back to your strengths and why you will be the natural fit for the role.
  5. Close and leading to next steps. Always ask for the order. Questions like, “is there any reason that you feel that I would not be a good fit for this role?”

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