Drop the Job Boards and Pick Up Your Networking

Recently, I did a search on a large job board (that will remain unnamed) for a Customer Success/Service job. I was looking for a remote opportunity that I was well qualified to perform. The job postings that I found ranged in from 2 days old to same day postings. What I found was distressing. Some of the jobs already had a range from 1,250 to over 450 applicants (for the same day postings).

Obviously these odds and the overall competition are overwhelming. In some cases jobs posted on job boards could already be secured by the time you view the listing. This is not the most effective way to search for job opportunities.

Networking via online tools like LinkedIn and others allow you to research businesses, find relevant contacts and allow you to reach out to them for a brief introduction. This is referred to as the “warm handshake”. You can ask to be connected or to join their network of contacts in the areas that interest you most.

Building your network is important. People generally are interested in helping upstarts as long as you approach them correctly. They may not be the ones who know of your perfect job but they will most likely know someone who can get you closer.

Handshake is another networking tool that is tied to colleges and provides visibility to opportunities for alumni that outsiders cannot see. The jobs and connections can help steer you in the right direction and help eliminate much of the competition.

Finally a helpful online tool to gauge the employees feeling about working for specific companies is called GlassDoor. Here you can see salary ranges, employees attitude towards the work environment and management style. You can get an insider's view prior to committing to a role.

In summary, drop the job boards and pick up your networking to improve your chances of landing the role that is the right fit for you.

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