Competition in the College Admissions Process and Workforce

Competition has and will always be around our everyday lives. Students who are applying for top notch colleges face this challenge along with students applying for internships and graduates looking for full time employment. This can be an exciting time but also highly stressful and in some cases cause unnecessary anxiety.

There are over 4,000 colleges in the US. There is a home for everyone who is determined to attend college. Prior to applying, a series of personal evaluations regarding your passions and skills will allow you to be realistic, place you in a safe environment and allow you to be happy with your selection. It is always good to push yourself to a certain degree but knowing where you will fit in based on the make-up of the college is critical.

Financial factors may or may not play into your decision. Putting your family in a tough financial situation by financing your choice of an expensive private school should be considered (scholarships can always be used for relief).

Having a plan and presenting your findings to your parents will better assist in making them part of the solution while helping to bring them into your decision making process. Allow your family to be part of the solution. They can point out things you might miss in your evaluation process.

Competition in attaining internships will also create a challenge. Internships in high school and college will assist you greatly in differentiating yourself when it comes to full time employment. It also can aid you in turning an internship into full time employment. Here you can employ creative strategies to help you stand out from your competitors. Strong research and crafting your personal mission statement along with a customized resume are all vital in giving you the edge.

Competition in the workplace can always be stressful. How do you address those who are constantly looking for promotions sometimes at the expense of others. You need to focus on what you can control.

Avoid office politics by not contributing to potential negative feedback about the company, your initiative or other workers in the workplace. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose. Keep your head down, keep your supervisor consistently in the loop regarding your progress in helping the team achieve their goals.

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