Business Demand Generation

Gaining interest and closing the deal is critical to your success in any business you choose. Without consistent clients and demand for what you are selling, you will have no profit opportunities. Profits are the goals that count when running your business.

Prior to any plan you must understand critical factors involving your business overall opportunity

What is your total available market (TAM) for your product or service

Who is your market’s client base

Where do they go online

What are their careabouts or challenges you can help solve

When working for larger organizations/companies with vast database information on their clients you can better target your approach. Then you can focus on what you are going to offer that will create enough interest for the client to act and purchase.

Active listening and putting the client first will help build trust. This trust level will ease the client into the sale without regret. Support and follow up after the sale will help reinforce trust. Remember the in some industries 90% of recurring business comes from referrals. Keep your clients informed (newsletters) and happy.

Training is critical to understand the key features, benefits and limitations of your product or service. Understanding what the competitors offer will help you assess how to best negotiate with your clients.

A salesperson/business owner's most important tool is their sales forecasting process. This could be done on a spreadsheet or a more elaborate customer relationship platform like SalesForce. Every opportunity must be noted with follow up next steps. Percentages should be assigned to each opportunity so that you can more accurately forecast what you sell in a month or quarter.

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