Breaking into a Sales Role

Sales, by some, is considered the best overall job for expanding your income based simply on your performance. If you sell, you are the engine for your company's success. Sales can be tough and sometimes requires thick skin to deal with rejection which comes with the role.

Sales, can be easily be broken down into a few key pieces;

  1. Database and opportunity management
  2. Clearly researched TAM (total available market for these in your area that are viable clients)
  3. Communication strategy with existing clients for upgrades and partnerships.
  4. Maintaining an organized tickler file and opportunity management system (ie to follow opportunities within the sales cycle.

By sitting down in a quiet place and mind mapping your areas of true interest and passion, you can start to target what you want to sell. Then you can use your professional networking tools like LinkedIn to research the companies and the right contacts who could get your foot in the door. A simple warm handshake request is usually well received as long as you write a concise message as to why you want to talk.

Large companies like IBM, HP, Cisco and many others offer fantastic sales training opportunities. You will get paid and you will learn the products and services. Learning from a winner will go a long way when you choose to move to another company of lesser size.

Negotiating your salary and income is an easier process than most jobs. You could receive a “draw”. This is basically enough for you to cover your basic needs including rent or car. If your draw is $100 you need to sell at least $100 to cover your draw. Once you start to perform above your targets, you will no longer need a draw and can receive unlimited commission opportunities based on your sales for the company.

I have personally witnessed confident candidates come into my office for a sales role on my team. One candidate told me when it was time to talk pay that he did not want a salary or draw. Just straight commission but an increase from 5% to 6% with no ceiling.

That is someone who is confident and understands the true nature of sales. Identify prospective clients, educate them on why your solution is best, negotiate and close the deal.

Let's talk about how you can break into impactul sales full time roles. The jobs are out there for the grabbing. Let's put together your plan to lead you to the hire. Click here for a complementary 30 minute consultation or to register for this sales training course.

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