Blob: Successfully Using a Gap Year To Gain Your Edge!!

Outside of the US, countries like the UK and Australia have very different approaches to when a student should attend a college. These different types of philosophies have a strong impact on students' professional life in the future.

In Australia, most students do not attend Uny (University) for at least 2 years following high school. In fact Australia, outside of obvious training like medicine and such, choose not to attend college for several years. The attitude is that a student at 18 is too young/immature to be successful in a completely different college environment. Work following high school builds more responsibility and structure so that they are better prepared to understand what they want to do and the commitment involved to be a success.

In the UK colleges are a privilege and the structure tends to be more rigid. A student is asked very early on (in some cases high school) what their focus and area of their studies will be. There is very limited flexibility to change mid stream and very expensive to adjust to a different area of study.

The key lies in understanding when you or your child are ready for a new world. Are they disciplined enough, are they too social, are they overcommitted? Is there just too much pressure for an 18 year old to endure?

Gap years can be a valuable time for students to nail down their true areas of passions, interests and skills. They should get their feet wet in these areas as an intern or simply a volunteer. Gap years can pay big dividends when you do apply to college. You will have the edge as an intern for a company of interest versus a student with higher SAT scores ( if they are even being evaluated. Many states no longer look at SAT scores).

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