Be a Mentor: Grow Your Life Sills While Helping Others in Need

One of the most rewarding activities you can do in your life is to pass on your valuable knowledge, compassion and experiences with the less fortunate. There simply is no better way to give back than to assist others in need.

Mentoring can come in many forms. Just meeting your student weekly for 30 minutes virtually or in person can help provide the empathy that some students will need to gain perspective and potentially a healthier direction in life. Giving your time and listening to a student's situations and needs is all it takes. Your ability to be a sounding board can be as great as actually solving the underlying problem.

Organizations including the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America are a great place to start. Researching your local organizations is easy to do and the need for mentors is in high demand. In some cases they provide their own form of training.

The distance between the haves and have nots has continued to broaden. The options that are available to the haves in some cases are far greater than the have nots. We are starting to see states and local governments fight to level the playing field by eliminating SAT and other placement exams. This is a good start.

Do not expect to be paid for your time directly. The act of listening has become a lost but vital skill in anything you do. This commitment in time and compassion will be rewarded greatly in your college application process as well as post graduate opportunities. It may even prepare you for a life long path in assisting others to gain the most of their lives and survive some of the greatest challenges.

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