Avoiding Stress while Driving for Success in Your Transition to College

Congratulations, you have made it through the process of acceptance to the college of your dreams. Now it is time to prepare for the transition to your new world. You need to plan and prepare for these changes to make you successful and happy.

You will most likely be living away from home for the first time. It will also be a change in sharing a 12 x 12 foot dorm room with a roommate. It is critical that you work with your roommate to understand their wishes and needs. Life will be a compromise between their needs and yours.

Having a clear and honest line of communication with your roommate to insure there are no festering issues and providing the opportunities to share open issues. Privacy, study habits, social connections are top areas where roommate relationships can take a turn for the worse.

Create a weekly schedule for yourself to include dedicated time for study, recreation and socializing. Finding the no interruption and focus zone will help you relax and put in the quality study time required to succeed in your work.

Physical exercise daily is a critical piece of your mental health and physical well being. You don't need to get fancy. Simple walks or hitting the school gym for 30 mins of increasing your heart rate will allow your mind to relax and better focus during your dedicated study time.

Keep a journal. This will allow you to monitor your mindset, emotions, challenges and enjoyment activities. Journals are a great way to be true to yourself and uncover consistent challenges that require action. School work in college will be challenging. You MUST take advantage of professor drop in sessions to gain a better grasp of the course and requirements. These services do not tend to be used enough by students. This is your chance to gain an advantage but you must act and prioritize these visits.

Finally, creating a study team is a great way to collaborate with others on projects or exams. Be careful in the selection process and find those who will consistently participate. Use your safe study zone including rooms in libraries that can be reserved for study group meetings.

Let's talk about how to prepare and thrive during this important transitional period. We can create your plan and allow the first semester to be one of excitement, fun and learning. Click here to register for coaching or 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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