Always Ask Yourself Why; School Selection, Major, Career; ask yourself... Why?

Historically students at all levels and non-students fail to ask a very simple question regarding their selection of job/career.. Why?

Why should be broken down into categories and requires self reflection and truth with yourself. No one else should be considered, not teachers, parents and friends. This is your life and you need to ask the question…...Why?

Why am I considering going to college or not?

Why have I focused my studies in specific areas? Interest or obligation?

Why am I selecting the major that I am considering?

Why am I not putting more attention into landing “test drive” internships? I need to learn more about the industry/major that I may sign up for.

Exploring the question WHY needs to be an organized mind mapping exercise as a starting point. Visualizing your careabouts, passions, skills. These can be your guide to the right career that will make you happy.

Working with students in high school and college I see this painful pattern repeated. The student was told that they have great aptitude in a specific area. This should be nurtured / pushed in a career direction that pays well right out of school. The problem is that the student never stopped to ask WHY. When they did land the cool job with a $75,000 starting salary with benefits, they realized that they hated what they were doing and immediately were looking for the escape hatch.

Not asking WHY is a formula for disaster and painful loss of time and money. Changing majors, schools and losing credits is expensive. Changing careers early on can impact your perception as a job jumper and less reliable.

Let us help you ask the right questions to yourself including why. How can you map your life visually both currently and in the future? Make adjustments and see the impact to your mental and physical state as you land the college, major or career that makes you happy. Click here to register for our complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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